How Do You Spell CDE ANTIGEN?

The spelling of "CDe Antigen" is derived from the International System of Blood Typing. It refers to a type of blood antigen that is present in a person's blood. The IPA phonetic transcription for "CDe Antigen" is /si di i ˈæntɪdʒən/. The "C" and "D" are pronounced as individual letters, while the "e" is silent. The stress is on the second syllable "De". Understanding the spelling and pronunciation of medical terms is essential for healthcare professionals to communicate effectively with each other and with patients.

Common Misspellings for CDE ANTIGEN

  • xde antigen
  • vde antigen
  • fde antigen
  • dde antigen
  • cse antigen
  • cxe antigen
  • cce antigen
  • cfe antigen
  • cre antigen
  • cee antigen
  • cd4 antigen
  • cd3 antigen
  • cde zntigen
  • cde sntigen
  • cde wntigen
  • cde qntigen
  • cde abtigen
  • cde amtigen
  • cde ajtigen
  • cde ahtigen

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