How Do You Spell CEASED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Ceased" is [s_ˈiː_s_d], [sˈiːsd], [sˈiːsd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CEASED

Below is the list of 190 misspellings for the word "ceased".

Similar spelling words for CEASED

Definition of CEASED

  1. of Cease

Anagrams of CEASED

6 letters

  • ceased.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for CEASED

  1. The curious noise had ceased, and although the girls looked round most carefully, they were not able to find anything which would account for it. - "The Manor House School" by Angela Brazil
  2. He made a sign to Noel, who had just ceased to dance, that brought the young man to his side. - "The Keeper of the Door" by Ethel M. Dell

Conjugate verb Ceased


I would cease
we would cease
you would cease
he/she/it would cease
they would cease


I will cease
we will cease
you will cease
he/she/it will cease
they will cease


I will have ceased
we will have ceased
you will have ceased
he/she/it will have ceased
they will have ceased


I ceased
we ceased
you ceased
he/she/it ceased
they ceased


I had ceased
we had ceased
you had ceased
he/she/it had ceased
they had ceased


I cease
we cease
you cease
he/she/it ceases
they cease


I have ceased
we have ceased
you have ceased
he/she/it has ceased
they have ceased
I am ceasing
we are ceasing
you are ceasing
he/she/it is ceasing
they are ceasing
I was ceasing
we were ceasing
you were ceasing
he/she/it was ceasing
they were ceasing
I will be ceasing
we will be ceasing
you will be ceasing
he/she/it will be ceasing
they will be ceasing
I have been ceasing
we have been ceasing
you have been ceasing
he/she/it has been ceasing
they have been ceasing
I had been ceasing
we had been ceasing
you had been ceasing
he/she/it had been ceasing
they had been ceasing
I will have been ceasing
we will have been ceasing
you will have been ceasing
he/she/it will have been ceasing
they will have been ceasing
I would have ceased
we would have ceased
you would have ceased
he/she/it would have ceased
they would have ceased
I would be ceasing
we would be ceasing
you would be ceasing
he/she/it would be ceasing
they would be ceasing
I would have been ceasing
we would have been ceasing
you would have been ceasing
he/she/it would have been ceasing
they would have been ceasing