How Do You Spell CER?

Correct spelling for the English word "cer" is [s_ˈɜː], [sˈɜː], [sˈɜː]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for CER

Below is the list of 34 misspellings for the word "cer".

  • cesr
  • cer5
  • cfer
  • cerf
  • cxer
  • vcer
  • cewr
  • ecr
  • cser
  • cgr
  • cder
  • ce5r
  • cev
  • crer
  • xer
  • cetr
  • c er
  • ce4r
  • ce3r
  • c4r
  • cez
  • c3r
  • xcer
  • crr
  • ce2
  • cerr
  • cer4
  • c3er
  • cwer
  • ce5
  • c4er
  • dcer
  • cefr
  • fcer

Similar spelling words for CER

Definition of CER

  1. Canonical Encoding Rules

Anagrams of CER

2 letters

3 letters

Usage Examples for CER

  1. I wasn't red in the face- I wasn't confused- I didn't stammer; I felt as cool as I do this moment, as I answered her courteously: " Cer- cer- certainly, madam- miss, I mean- you shall have a spring fresh from me- a drink, I mean- we've a nice, cold spring in the rocks just behind the cabin; I'll get you one in a second." - "The Blunders of a Bashful Man" by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor
  2. Ham was the supposed hero: and Ceramus was Cer- Ham, the tower or temple of Ham, which gave name to the inclosure. - "A New System; or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology. Volume II. (of VI.)" by Jacob Bryant

What does cer stand for?

Abbreviation CER means:

  1. Ceramic Tile
  2. Capital Expenditure Review