How Do You Spell CHAY ROOT?

The correct spelling of "Chay root" is actually "chai root". Chai is a type of tea, and the root is the root of the tea plant. The phonetic transcription of the word is /tʃaɪ rut/. The "ch" is pronounced like "tʃ" in "chair". The "ai" sound is pronounced like the "i" in "ride". So "chai" sounds like "tie" with a "ch" at the beginning. The "root" part is pronounced like the regular English word.

Common Misspellings for CHAY ROOT

  • xhay root
  • vhay root
  • fhay root
  • dhay root
  • cgay root
  • cbay root
  • cnay root
  • cjay root
  • cuay root
  • cyay root
  • chzy root
  • chsy root
  • chwy root
  • chqy root
  • chat root
  • chag root
  • chah root
  • chau root
  • cha7 root

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