How Do You Spell CHE GUEVARA?

The spelling of the iconic revolutionary's name, Che Guevara, is often mispronounced and misspelled. The correct pronunciation is /tʃeɪ ɡeɪˈvɑːrə/, with the "ch" sound being pronounced as the "ch" in "chirp". The first name "Che" is a nickname derived from the common Argentinean interjection "che" used for calling attention or expressing surprise. The last name "Guevara" is spelled with a "gue" instead of "ge" due to the historical and cultural influences of the Spanish language.

Common Misspellings for CHE GUEVARA

  • xhe guevara
  • vhe guevara
  • fhe guevara
  • dhe guevara
  • cge guevara
  • cbe guevara
  • cne guevara
  • cje guevara
  • cue guevara
  • cye guevara
  • chw guevara
  • chs guevara
  • chd guevara
  • chr guevara
  • ch4 guevara
  • ch3 guevara
  • che fuevara
  • che vuevara
  • che buevara
  • che huevara

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