How Do You Spell CHITTY?

The word "Chitty" is a tricky one when it comes to spelling. Its pronunciation relies heavily on the context in which it's used, as well as its origin. In the IPA phonetic transcription, "Chitty" can be spelled as /ˈtʃɪti/. This means that the "Ch" is pronounced as the "ch" in "church", the "i" is pronounced as in "bit", and the "t" sounds like the "t" in "tight". In some cases, the "ty" can also be pronounced as a "tee" sound. Overall, the spelling of "Chitty" can vary, but its phonetic transcription remains consistent.

Common Misspellings for CHITTY

  • shitti
  • xhitty
  • vhitty
  • fhitty
  • dhitty
  • cgitty
  • cbitty
  • cnitty
  • cjitty
  • cuitty
  • cyitty
  • chutty
  • chjtty
  • chktty
  • chotty
  • ch9tty
  • ch8tty
  • chigty
  • chiyty
  • chi6ty

Similar spelling words for CHITTY

Plural form of CHITTY is CHITTIES

4 words made out of letters CHITTY

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