How Do You Spell CHU?

The spelling of the word "Chu" can be a bit confusing because it can be pronounced in different ways depending on the language and context. In the Mandarin language, "Chu" is represented by the IPA phonetic transcription [tʂʰu] and is pronounced with an aspirated "ch" sound followed by a "oo" sound. However, in Japanese, "Chu" is pronounced with a shorter "u" sound and is represented by the IPA transcription [tɕu]. It's important to know the context and language when spelling and pronouncing words like "Chu."

Common Misspellings for CHU

  • cdhu
  • cghu
  • cbhu
  • cnhu
  • cjhu
  • chju
  • cuhu
  • chuu
  • cyhu
  • chyu
  • chhu
  • ch8u
  • chu8
  • ch7u
  • chu7
  • cchu
  • Ch5
  • c hu
  • ch u

Similar spelling words for CHU

2 words made out of letters CHU

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