How Do You Spell CIS?

The word "cis" is commonly pronounced as /sɪs/ in English. This word refers to molecules with a particular molecular structure wherein the atoms or groups of atoms are positioned on the same side of an axis. The spelling of this word is derived from the Latin word "cis," which means "on this side." The correct spelling of this word is often confused with "siz" or "sis," but the IPA phonetic transcription clarifies the correct pronunciation of this scientific term.

Common Misspellings for CIS

  • c9is
  • ci9s
  • c8is
  • ci8s
  • cizs
  • cisz
  • cixs
  • cisx
  • cisd
  • ciws
  • cisw
  • ccis
  • ciis
  • ciss
  • sis
  • ci3
  • cayes
  • ceyes
  • c is
  • ci s

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