How Do You Spell CLAIMED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Claimed" is [klˈe͡ɪmd], [klˈe‍ɪmd], [k_l_ˈeɪ_m_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CLAIMED

Below is the list of 135 misspellings for the word "claimed".

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Definition of CLAIMED

  1. of Claim

Anagrams of CLAIMED

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Usage Examples for CLAIMED

  1. She had claimed him only in her utter need, and he would stand good, lover and friend to be counted on, till the world should end. - "The Lilac Sunbonnet" by S.R. Crockett
  2. Yet on the following morning, so casual was his greeting that she felt oddly vexed with him as well as with herself, and was even glad when Violet sauntered down late as usual and claimed his attention. - "The Keeper of the Door" by Ethel M. Dell

Conjugate verb Claimed


I would claim
we would claim
you would claim
he/she/it would claim
they would claim


I will claim
we will claim
you will claim
he/she/it will claim
they will claim


I will have claimed
we will have claimed
you will have claimed
he/she/it will have claimed
they will have claimed


I claimed
we claimed
you claimed
he/she/it claimed
they claimed


I had claimed
we had claimed
you had claimed
he/she/it had claimed
they had claimed


I claim
we claim
you claim
he/she/it claims
they claim


I have claimed
we have claimed
you have claimed
he/she/it has claimed
they have claimed
I am claiming
we are claiming
you are claiming
he/she/it is claiming
they are claiming
I was claiming
we were claiming
you were claiming
he/she/it was claiming
they were claiming
I will be claiming
we will be claiming
you will be claiming
he/she/it will be claiming
they will be claiming
I have been claiming
we have been claiming
you have been claiming
he/she/it has been claiming
they have been claiming
I had been claiming
we had been claiming
you had been claiming
he/she/it had been claiming
they had been claiming
I will have been claiming
we will have been claiming
you will have been claiming
he/she/it will have been claiming
they will have been claiming
I would have claimed
we would have claimed
you would have claimed
he/she/it would have claimed
they would have claimed
I would be claiming
we would be claiming
you would be claiming
he/she/it would be claiming
they would be claiming
I would have been claiming
we would have been claiming
you would have been claiming
he/she/it would have been claiming
they would have been claiming