How Do You Spell CLASSED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Classed" is [klˈast], [klˈast], [k_l_ˈa_s_t]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CLASSED

Below is the list of 223 misspellings for the word "classed".

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Definition of CLASSED

  1. of Class

Anagrams of CLASSED

6 letters

5 letters

7 letters

  • classed,
  • declass.

Usage Examples for CLASSED

  1. " But really it might almost be classed with affectation," said he. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith" by George Meredith
  2. " To smoke in Hyde Park," said the late Lady Dorothy Nevill, in 1907, " even up to comparatively recent years, was looked upon as absolutely unpardonable, while smoking anywhere with a lady would have been classed as an almost disgraceful social crime." - "The Social History of Smoking" by G. L. Apperson

Conjugate verb Classed


I would class
we would class
you would class
he/she/it would class
they would class


I will class
we will class
you will class
he/she/it will class
they will class


I will have classed
we will have classed
you will have classed
he/she/it will have classed
they will have classed


I classed
we classed
you classed
he/she/it classed
they classed


I had classed
we had classed
you had classed
he/she/it had classed
they had classed


I class
we class
you class
he/she/it classes
they class


I have classed
we have classed
you have classed
he/she/it has classed
they have classed
I am classing
we are classing
you are classing
he/she/it is classing
they are classing
I was classing
we were classing
you were classing
he/she/it was classing
they were classing
I will be classing
we will be classing
you will be classing
he/she/it will be classing
they will be classing
I have been classing
we have been classing
you have been classing
he/she/it has been classing
they have been classing
I had been classing
we had been classing
you had been classing
he/she/it had been classing
they had been classing
I will have been classing
we will have been classing
you will have been classing
he/she/it will have been classing
they will have been classing
I would have classed
we would have classed
you would have classed
he/she/it would have classed
they would have classed
I would be classing
we would be classing
you would be classing
he/she/it would be classing
they would be classing
I would have been classing
we would have been classing
you would have been classing
he/she/it would have been classing
they would have been classing