How Do You Spell CLEARS?

Correct spelling for the English word "clears" is [klˈi͡əz], [klˈi‍əz], [k_l_ˈiə_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CLEARS

Below is the list of 157 misspellings for the word "clears".

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Anagrams of CLEARS

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Usage Examples for CLEARS

  1. But he so solemnly clears himself of premeditated offence- Cl. - "Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9)" by Samuel Richardson
  2. 1. The amount to which one piece clears or escapes another. - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II" by Joshua Rose

Conjugate verb Clears


I would clear
we would clear
you would clear
he/she/it would clear
they would clear


I will clear
we will clear
you will clear
he/she/it will clear
they will clear


I will have cleared
we will have cleared
you will have cleared
he/she/it will have cleared
they will have cleared


I cleared
we cleared
you cleared
he/she/it cleared
they cleared


I had cleared
we had cleared
you had cleared
he/she/it had cleared
they had cleared


I clear
we clear
you clear
he/she/it clears
they clear


I have cleared
we have cleared
you have cleared
he/she/it has cleared
they have cleared
I am clearing
we are clearing
you are clearing
he/she/it is clearing
they are clearing
I was clearing
we were clearing
you were clearing
he/she/it was clearing
they were clearing
I will be clearing
we will be clearing
you will be clearing
he/she/it will be clearing
they will be clearing
I have been clearing
we have been clearing
you have been clearing
he/she/it has been clearing
they have been clearing
I had been clearing
we had been clearing
you had been clearing
he/she/it had been clearing
they had been clearing
I will have been clearing
we will have been clearing
you will have been clearing
he/she/it will have been clearing
they will have been clearing
I would have cleared
we would have cleared
you would have cleared
he/she/it would have cleared
they would have cleared
I would be clearing
we would be clearing
you would be clearing
he/she/it would be clearing
they would be clearing
I would have been clearing
we would have been clearing
you would have been clearing
he/she/it would have been clearing
they would have been clearing