How Do You Spell CO(NH2)2?

CO(NH2)2 is a chemical formula that is pronounced as "cee-oh-enn-aytch-two". The IPA phonetic transcription helps to break down the pronunciation of the word by using symbols to represent the sounds of each syllable. The "cee" sound represents the letter C, "oh" represents the O, "enn" represents the N, "aytch" represents the letter H, and "two" represents the number 2. This word is commonly used in chemistry to refer to a compound known as urea, which is important in the production of fertilizers and plastics.

Common Misspellings for CO(NH2)2

  • xo(nh2)2
  • vo(nh2)2
  • fo(nh2)2
  • do(nh2)2
  • ci(nh2)2
  • ck(nh2)2
  • cl(nh2)2
  • cp(nh2)2
  • c0(nh2)2
  • c9(nh2)2
  • co(bh2)2
  • co(mh2)2
  • co(jh2)2
  • co(hh2)2
  • co(ng2)2
  • co(nb2)2
  • co(nn2)2
  • co(nj2)2
  • co(nu2)2
  • co(ny2)2

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