How Do You Spell COATED?

Correct spelling for the English word "coated" is [kˈə͡ʊtɪd], [kˈə‍ʊtɪd], [k_ˈəʊ_t_ɪ_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for COATED

66 words made out of letters COATED

3 letters

  • aec,
  • ado,
  • oct,
  • ate,
  • doa,
  • edo,
  • cad,
  • cot,
  • tod,
  • ceo,
  • tec,
  • doe,
  • etc,
  • oca,
  • dat,
  • tao,
  • ace,
  • act,
  • ode,
  • tad,
  • oat,
  • dec,
  • toe,
  • cat,
  • doc,
  • otc,
  • dot,
  • eta,
  • ade,
  • eat,
  • tea,
  • oed,
  • ect,
  • ted.

4 letters

  • dato,
  • dote,
  • aced,
  • odea,
  • toea,
  • odet,
  • coed,
  • taco,
  • deca,
  • cade,
  • dace,
  • ecto,
  • toad,
  • toda,
  • toed,
  • coda,
  • cote,
  • oeta,
  • oate,
  • code,
  • date,
  • coat,
  • octa.

5 letters

  • todea,
  • aceto,
  • octad,
  • coade,
  • acted,
  • coted,
  • oecad,
  • cadet,
  • coate.

Conjugate verb Coated


I would coat
we would coat
you would coat
he/she/it would coat
they would coat


I will coat
we will coat
you will coat
he/she/it will coat
they will coat


I will have coated
we will have coated
you will have coated
he/she/it will have coated
they will have coated


I coated
we coated
you coated
he/she/it coated
they coated


I had coated
we had coated
you had coated
he/she/it had coated
they had coated


I coat
we coat
you coat
he/she/it coats
they coat


I have coated
we have coated
you have coated
he/she/it has coated
they have coated
I am coating
we are coating
you are coating
he/she/it is coating
they are coating
I was coating
we were coating
you were coating
he/she/it was coating
they were coating
I will be coating
we will be coating
you will be coating
he/she/it will be coating
they will be coating
I have been coating
we have been coating
you have been coating
he/she/it has been coating
they have been coating
I had been coating
we had been coating
you had been coating
he/she/it had been coating
they had been coating
I will have been coating
we will have been coating
you will have been coating
he/she/it will have been coating
they will have been coating
I would have coated
we would have coated
you would have coated
he/she/it would have coated
they would have coated
I would be coating
we would be coating
you would be coating
he/she/it would be coating
they would be coating
I would have been coating
we would have been coating
you would have been coating
he/she/it would have been coating
they would have been coating


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