How Do You Spell COATING?

Pronunciation: [kˈə͡ʊtɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "coating" is spelled with the digraph "oa" which represents the long "o" sound /oʊ/, and the consonant cluster "t-i-n-g" which stands for the "t" sound /t/ and the "ɪŋ" sound, which stands for the suffix "-ing". This word is commonly used to refer to a layer of material applied to a surface for protection or decoration. The correct spelling of this word is important to ensure clear communication and effective written expression.

COATING Meaning and Definition

  1. Coating is a noun that refers to a thin layer of material that covers the surface of an object or substance. It is used primarily to protect, enhance, or decorate the underlying material, improving its durability, appearance, or functionality.

    The purpose of a coating can vary depending on the context. In industrial settings, it may provide protection against corrosion, abrasion, or chemical damage to the surface of metals, plastics, or other materials. Coatings can also be applied to prevent moisture infiltration, maintain insulation, or reduce friction in machinery or equipment.

    In the realm of food and cooking, coating refers to a layer of flour, breadcrumbs, or batter applied to ingredients like meat, fish, or vegetables before cooking. This coating helps to seal in moisture, add flavor, and produce a crispy or crunchy texture when heated. It is commonly used in techniques such as frying or baking.

    Furthermore, coating can also refer to the outer covering of pills or tablets in the pharmaceutical industry, which is designed to protect the active ingredients and facilitate swallowing.

    In summary, coating is a thin layer applied to a surface to serve various purposes, including protection, decoration, and functionality enhancements. Its applications can be found across industries such as manufacturing, food, and pharmaceuticals, where it plays a vital role in preserving, beautifying, or modifying the properties of the underlying material or substance.

  2. A covering; any substance spread over another.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of COATING

The word "coating" originated from the Middle English term "coten" or "coten" in the 14th century, which meant to "put or receive into a cot, or to fix in place". This word was derived from the Old English word "cotian", meaning "to fix, arrange, or provide with a cot". The noun form of "coating" emerged in the mid-17th century, referring to a layer or covering applied to a surface.

Similar spelling words for COATING

Plural form of COATING is COATINGS

Conjugate verb Coating


I would coat
we would coat
you would coat
he/she/it would coat
they would coat


I will coat
we will coat
you will coat
he/she/it will coat
they will coat


I will have coated
we will have coated
you will have coated
he/she/it will have coated
they will have coated


I coated
we coated
you coated
he/she/it coated
they coated


I had coated
we had coated
you had coated
he/she/it had coated
they had coated


I coat
we coat
you coat
he/she/it coats
they coat


I have coated
we have coated
you have coated
he/she/it has coated
they have coated
I am coating
we are coating
you are coating
he/she/it is coating
they are coating
I was coating
we were coating
you were coating
he/she/it was coating
they were coating
I will be coating
we will be coating
you will be coating
he/she/it will be coating
they will be coating
I have been coating
we have been coating
you have been coating
he/she/it has been coating
they have been coating
I had been coating
we had been coating
you had been coating
he/she/it had been coating
they had been coating
I will have been coating
we will have been coating
you will have been coating
he/she/it will have been coating
they will have been coating
I would have coated
we would have coated
you would have coated
he/she/it would have coated
they would have coated
I would be coating
we would be coating
you would be coating
he/she/it would be coating
they would be coating
I would have been coating
we would have been coating
you would have been coating
he/she/it would have been coating
they would have been coating


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