How Do You Spell COCOA?

Correct spelling for the English word "cocoa" is [k_ˈəʊ_k_əʊ], [kˈə͡ʊkə͡ʊ], [kˈə‍ʊkə‍ʊ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for COCOA

Below is the list of 80 misspellings for the word "cocoa".

Similar spelling words for COCOA

Plural form of COCOA is COCOAS

Definition of COCOA

  1. The ground seeds of the cacao or chocolate tree; the drink made from the powder thus obtained.

Anagrams of COCOA

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Usage Examples for COCOA

  1. 11. Serve the cocoa in the small cups. - "Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management" by Ministry of Education
  2. " Oh, by the way, Mrs. Parker," said the literary gentleman quickly, " you didn't throw away any cocoa last time you were here- did you?" - "The Garden Party" by Katherine Mansfield

What does cocoa stand for?

Abbreviation COCOA means:

  1. Churches of Christ Overseas Aid
  2. Care of China's Orphaned and Abandoned