How Do You Spell COLDER?

Pronunciation: [kˈə͡ʊldə] (IPA)

The word "colder" is spelled with three sounds - /k/ as in "cat", /oʊ/ as in "go", and /d/ as in "dog". The first sound /k/ represents the "c" in "cold", which is followed by the vowel sound /oʊ/ in "go", and lastly, the sound /d/ represents the "d" in "cold". The word "colder" is the comparative form of "cold", meaning having a lower temperature. It is important to spell words correctly to ensure clear communication and effective writing.

COLDER Meaning and Definition

  1. Colder is the comparative form of the adjective "cold," which is used to describe something or someone that has a lower temperature or is lacking warmth. When used in this form, colder is used to compare the low temperature of one thing or person to another, indicating a lower degree of warmth.

    In a literal sense, colder refers to a lower temperature than something else. For example, if one person says the weather is cold, another person may reply that it is even colder outside. This comparison suggests that the temperature outside is even lower than the initial statement indicated.

    Colder can also be used metaphorically to describe the emotional state or demeanor of a person. In this context, it suggests that someone is displaying less warmth, empathy, or friendliness in their interactions. For instance, if someone says a person's attitude towards them has become colder, it means that their behavior has become less friendly or more distant.

    Overall, the term colder is employed to illustrate a decrease in temperature or warmth in comparison to something else. Whether it is referring to physical temperature or emotional warmth, colder denotes a lower degree in relation to the subject being compared.

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Etymology of COLDER

The word "colder" is derived from the adjective "cold" in the comparative form.

The etymology of the word "cold" traces back to Old English, where it was spelled "cald". This Old English term is also related to similar words in other Germanic languages such as Old High German "kalt" and Old Norse "kaldr".

The Indo-European root of "cold" is believed to be *gel-, which meant "cold" or "to freeze". From this root, various words related to coldness have developed in different languages over time.

Idioms with the word COLDER

  • you're getting colder The idiom "you're getting colder" is a phrase used metaphorically to suggest that someone's approach or efforts to find or understand something are becoming less accurate or successful. It is often used in the context of searching for a solution, making a guess, or pursuing a goal, indicating that the current direction is moving further away from the desired outcome.

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