How Do You Spell COLOURS?

Correct spelling for the English word "colours" is [k_ˈʌ_l_ə_z], [kˈʌləz], [kˈʌləz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for COLOURS

Below is the list of 152 misspellings for the word "colours".

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Definition of COLOURS

  1. same as colors.

Anagrams of COLOURS

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5 letters

Usage Examples for COLOURS

  1. Now concerning the colours of water so saieth Cardane. - "The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, v. 1, Northern Europe" by Richard Hakluyt
  2. Now, however, if she would only walk into the trap I was about to set for her, I felt confident in my own mind that we should come out of the scrape with flying colours. - "A Crime of the Under-seas" by Guy Boothby

Conjugate verb Colours


I would colour
we would colour
you would colour
he/she/it would colour
they would colour


I will colour
we will colour
you will colour
he/she/it will colour
they will colour


I will have coloured
we will have coloured
you will have coloured
he/she/it will have coloured
they will have coloured


I coloured
we coloured
you coloured
he/she/it coloured
they coloured


I had coloured
we had coloured
you had coloured
he/she/it had coloured
they had coloured


I colour
we colour
you colour
he/she/it colours
they colour


I have coloured
we have coloured
you have coloured
he/she/it has coloured
they have coloured
I am colouring
we are colouring
you are colouring
he/she/it is colouring
they are colouring
I was colouring
we were colouring
you were colouring
he/she/it was colouring
they were colouring
I will be colouring
we will be colouring
you will be colouring
he/she/it will be colouring
they will be colouring
I have been colouring
we have been colouring
you have been colouring
he/she/it has been colouring
they have been colouring
I had been colouring
we had been colouring
you had been colouring
he/she/it had been colouring
they had been colouring
I will have been colouring
we will have been colouring
you will have been colouring
he/she/it will have been colouring
they will have been colouring
I would have coloured
we would have coloured
you would have coloured
he/she/it would have coloured
they would have coloured
I would be colouring
we would be colouring
you would be colouring
he/she/it would be colouring
they would be colouring
I would have been colouring
we would have been colouring
you would have been colouring
he/she/it would have been colouring
they would have been colouring