How Do You Spell COMMANDING?

Correct spelling for the English word "commanding" is [k_ə_m_ˈa_n_d_ɪ_ŋ], [kəmˈandɪŋ], [kəmˈandɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for COMMANDING

Below is the list of 305 misspellings for the word "commanding".

Similar spelling words for COMMANDING

Definition of COMMANDING

  1. Impressive; authoritative; qualified to take charge.

Anagrams of COMMANDING

8 letters

  • mandingo.

Usage Examples for COMMANDING

  1. " Stop," the general said, and his strong, commanding voice stopped Micheals. - "The Leech" by Phillips Barbee
  2. To the Commanding Officer. - "With the Guards' Brigade from Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back" by Edward P. Lowry
  3. The Commanding General now ordered General Paulze d'Ivoy to retire on that place, but the latter only received the order at six in the evening, when the brigades of the right wing- Pauly's and Michelet's- had already started of their own accord for Cambrai. - "The Franco-German War of 1870-71" by Count Helmuth, von Moltke
  4. Well, at least he will lie in a charming spot commanding a lovely view. - "Madame Chrysantheme Complete" by Pierre Loti Last Updated: March 4, 2009
  5. She did not appear conscious that she had done anything unusual in commanding his presence. - "The Awakening and Selected Short Stories" by Kate Chopin

Conjugate verb Commanding


I would command
we would command
you would command
he/she/it would command
they would command


I will command
we will command
you will command
he/she/it will command
they will command


I will have commanded
we will have commanded
you will have commanded
he/she/it will have commanded
they will have commanded


I commanded
we commanded
you commanded
he/she/it commanded
they commanded


I had commanded
we had commanded
you had commanded
he/she/it had commanded
they had commanded


I command
we command
you command
he/she/it commands
they command


I have commanded
we have commanded
you have commanded
he/she/it has commanded
they have commanded
I am commanding
we are commanding
you are commanding
he/she/it is commanding
they are commanding
I was commanding
we were commanding
you were commanding
he/she/it was commanding
they were commanding
I will be commanding
we will be commanding
you will be commanding
he/she/it will be commanding
they will be commanding
I have been commanding
we have been commanding
you have been commanding
he/she/it has been commanding
they have been commanding
I had been commanding
we had been commanding
you had been commanding
he/she/it had been commanding
they had been commanding
I will have been commanding
we will have been commanding
you will have been commanding
he/she/it will have been commanding
they will have been commanding
I would have commanded
we would have commanded
you would have commanded
he/she/it would have commanded
they would have commanded
I would be commanding
we would be commanding
you would be commanding
he/she/it would be commanding
they would be commanding
I would have been commanding
we would have been commanding
you would have been commanding
he/she/it would have been commanding
they would have been commanding