Pronunciation: [kəmplˈiːtli dɪvˈɛləpt] (IPA)

The spelling of the phrase "completely developed" can be explained through its International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription. The word "completely" is transcribed as /kəmˈpliːtli/, with the "k" sound at the beginning, followed by a schwa sound, and ending with the long "i" sound. The word "developed" is transcribed as /dɪˈvɛləpt/, with the "d" sound at the beginning, followed by a short "i" sound and a schwa sound, and then ending with the "t" sound. Together, these two words make up a phrase used to describe something that has reached a state of full maturity.

COMPLETELY DEVELOPED Meaning and Definition

  1. Completely developed refers to something that has reached its full potential or has undergone all necessary stages of growth or maturation. It implies that an entity or system has achieved a state of thoroughness, readiness, or fullness in all aspects, exhibiting no further need for additional growth or enhancement.

    When describing physical entities, such as organisms or plants, being completely developed signifies that they have reached their final form, size, or functionality. It suggests that all their organs, tissues, or components have matured or developed to their utmost capacity, ensuring proper functioning and optimal performance.

    In the context of human individuals, being completely developed pertains to the attainment of physical, emotional, and intellectual maturity. It refers to a state where an individual has achieved their potential growth, both physically and mentally, and is capable of engaging in various activities independently, demonstrating a high level of self-sufficiency and competence.

    The term can also apply to non-living entities, such as technology or infrastructure. A completely developed technology or system implies that it has undergone all necessary stages of design, production, testing, and refinement, resulting in a final product that is fully functional, reliable, and efficient.

    In summary, the phrase "completely developed" refers to the state of optimum growth, maturation, or functionality, indicating that an entity or system has reached a stage of fullness, readiness, or maturity, with no further need for further improvement or enhancement.

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The word "completely" originates from the Latin word "completus", which means "filled up" or "made full". It is derived from the past participle of the verb "complere", meaning "to fill up" or "to complete".

The word "developed", on the other hand, comes from the Latin word "developare". "Developare" is a compound of the prefix "de-" (indicating a reversal or removal) and "volup", meaning "to envelop" or "to wrap". Over time, this term evolved to refer to the unfolding or unraveling of something, which eventually led to its current meaning of growth or progress.


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