How Do You Spell COOLS?

The word "cools" is spelled with the letters c-o-o-l-s. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is represented as /kuːlz/. The "oo" in "cools" is pronounced with a long 'u' sound, written as /uː/. The "l" and "s" sounds are pronounced as they are spelled. This word is the third person present form of the verb "to cool", meaning to make something less hot or to become less angry. It can also refer to something being fashionable or popular.

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Conjugate verb Cools


I would cool
we would cool
you would cool
he/she/it would cool
they would cool


I will cool
we will cool
you will cool
he/she/it will cool
they will cool


I will have cooled
we will have cooled
you will have cooled
he/she/it will have cooled
they will have cooled


I cooled
we cooled
you cooled
he/she/it cooled
they cooled


I had cooled
we had cooled
you had cooled
he/she/it had cooled
they had cooled


I cool
we cool
you cool
he/she/it cools
they cool


I have cooled
we have cooled
you have cooled
he/she/it has cooled
they have cooled
I am cooling
we are cooling
you are cooling
he/she/it is cooling
they are cooling
I was cooling
we were cooling
you were cooling
he/she/it was cooling
they were cooling
I will be cooling
we will be cooling
you will be cooling
he/she/it will be cooling
they will be cooling
I have been cooling
we have been cooling
you have been cooling
he/she/it has been cooling
they have been cooling
I had been cooling
we had been cooling
you had been cooling
he/she/it had been cooling
they had been cooling
I will have been cooling
we will have been cooling
you will have been cooling
he/she/it will have been cooling
they will have been cooling
I would have cooled
we would have cooled
you would have cooled
he/she/it would have cooled
they would have cooled
I would be cooling
we would be cooling
you would be cooling
he/she/it would be cooling
they would be cooling
I would have been cooling
we would have been cooling
you would have been cooling
he/she/it would have been cooling
they would have been cooling


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