How Do You Spell CORIUM?

Corium is a term used in anatomy to refer to the deepest layer of the skin in vertebrates. The term is phonetically spelled as /ˈkɔːrɪəm/. The initial syllable is pronounced with an open-o vowel sound, followed by a short-i vowel sound. The second syllable is pronounced with a schwa sound, and the third syllable sounds like the plural of "air", /ɛər/. Corium is an important component of the skin, containing blood vessels, nerve endings, and other specialized cells that contribute to skin function and health.

Common Misspellings for CORIUM

  • xorium
  • vorium
  • dorium
  • ckrium
  • clrium
  • cprium
  • c0rium
  • c9rium
  • coeium
  • codium
  • cotium
  • co5ium
  • co4ium
  • coruum
  • corjum
  • corkum
  • coroum
  • cor9um
  • cor8um
  • coredum

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Plural form of CORIUM is CORIA

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