How Do You Spell CORIXA?

Corixa is a common scientific name for water bugs. The spelling of this word is derived from its Latin origin, which is why it contains the letter X rather than a more typical S or Z. In IPA phonetics, the word corixa can be transcribed as /kɒˈraɪk.sə/. The first syllable is pronounced with a short ‘o’ sound, the second features a diphthong consisting of ‘ai’, the third contains an ‘i’ vowel sound, and the final syllable features a schwa followed by an ‘s’ and an ‘ə’ sound.

Common Misspellings for CORIXA

  • xorixa
  • vorixa
  • forixa
  • dorixa
  • cirixa
  • ckrixa
  • clrixa
  • cprixa
  • c0rixa
  • c9rixa
  • coeixa
  • codixa
  • cofixa
  • cotixa
  • co5ixa
  • co4ixa
  • coruxa
  • corjxa
  • corkxa

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