How Do You Spell CORKS?

Correct spelling for the English word "corks" is [kˈɔːks], [kˈɔːks], [k_ˈɔː_k_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CORKS

Below is the list of 103 misspellings for the word "corks".

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Anagrams of CORKS

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Usage Examples for CORKS

  1. We don't swim with corks. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith" by George Meredith
  2. Two by two, in rigid order of rank they were escorted into the saloon, and the eloquent popping of corks was as music in their ears. - "Dan Merrithew" by Lawrence Perry

Conjugate verb Corks


I would cork
we would cork
you would cork
he/she/it would cork
they would cork


I will cork
we will cork
you will cork
he/she/it will cork
they will cork


I will have corked
we will have corked
you will have corked
he/she/it will have corked
they will have corked


I corked
we corked
you corked
he/she/it corked
they corked


I had corked
we had corked
you had corked
he/she/it had corked
they had corked


I cork
we cork
you cork
he/she/it corks
they cork


I have corked
we have corked
you have corked
he/she/it has corked
they have corked
I am corking
we are corking
you are corking
he/she/it is corking
they are corking
I was corking
we were corking
you were corking
he/she/it was corking
they were corking
I will be corking
we will be corking
you will be corking
he/she/it will be corking
they will be corking
I have been corking
we have been corking
you have been corking
he/she/it has been corking
they have been corking
I had been corking
we had been corking
you had been corking
he/she/it had been corking
they had been corking
I will have been corking
we will have been corking
you will have been corking
he/she/it will have been corking
they will have been corking
I would have corked
we would have corked
you would have corked
he/she/it would have corked
they would have corked
I would be corking
we would be corking
you would be corking
he/she/it would be corking
they would be corking
I would have been corking
we would have been corking
you would have been corking
he/she/it would have been corking
they would have been corking