How Do You Spell CORNERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "corners" is [k_ˈɔː_n_ə_z], [kˈɔːnəz], [kˈɔːnəz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of CORNERS

  1. The deciduous incisors of the horse, external to the intermediates.

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Usage Examples for CORNERS

  1. For his opponent drove him into corners from which he could find no way out except at the risk of offending the South. - "American Men of Action" by Burton E. Stevenson
  2. Betty did not blame her brother for wishing to get away from Ditson Corners. - "The Heart of Canyon Pass" by Thomas K. Holmes
  3. Old fellow was from Clayville Corners. - "The Lash" by Olin L. Lyman
  4. These are some of the narrow corners in which we found ourselves during the war. - "In the Shadow of Death" by P. H. Kritzinger and R. D. McDonald
  5. She could not see into the corners of the great hall, but straight in front of her was another massive door, exactly similar to the one in which she stood. - "The Tangled Skein" by Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy

Conjugate verb Corners


I would corner
we would corner
you would corner
he/she/it would corner
they would corner


I will corner
we will corner
you will corner
he/she/it will corner
they will corner


I will have cornered
we will have cornered
you will have cornered
he/she/it will have cornered
they will have cornered


I cornered
we cornered
you cornered
he/she/it cornered
they cornered


I had cornered
we had cornered
you had cornered
he/she/it had cornered
they had cornered


I corner
we corner
you corner
he/she/it corners
they corner


I have cornered
we have cornered
you have cornered
he/she/it has cornered
they have cornered
I am cornering
we are cornering
you are cornering
he/she/it is cornering
they are cornering
I was cornering
we were cornering
you were cornering
he/she/it was cornering
they were cornering
I will be cornering
we will be cornering
you will be cornering
he/she/it will be cornering
they will be cornering
I have been cornering
we have been cornering
you have been cornering
he/she/it has been cornering
they have been cornering
I had been cornering
we had been cornering
you had been cornering
he/she/it had been cornering
they had been cornering
I will have been cornering
we will have been cornering
you will have been cornering
he/she/it will have been cornering
they will have been cornering
I would have cornered
we would have cornered
you would have cornered
he/she/it would have cornered
they would have cornered
I would be cornering
we would be cornering
you would be cornering
he/she/it would be cornering
they would be cornering
I would have been cornering
we would have been cornering
you would have been cornering
he/she/it would have been cornering
they would have been cornering