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Pronunciation: [kˈɔːsi] (IPA)

The word "corsi" is a plural noun referring to courses or classes. Its spelling follows the Italian language, where the letter "s" is pronounced as "z" when positioned between vowels. In IPA phonetic transcription, "corsi" would be transcribed as /ˈkɔrsi/, with the "s" sound represented by the symbol "s" followed by the "ee" sound represented by the symbol "i." It is important to use accurate spelling and pronunciation when communicating in any language to ensure clear and effective communication.

CORSI Meaning and Definition

  1. Corsi is a term that primarily finds usage in ice hockey and refers to a statistical category used to measure puck possession. It is named after Jim Corsi, the goaltending coach who developed this method. In its simplest form, corsi measures the number of shot attempts (shots on goal, missed shots, and blocked shots) generated by a team or player during a game or a specific time frame.

    Corsi is utilized as an advanced metric to assess a team's performance or an individual player's effectiveness on the ice. By tracking the number of shot attempts made by a team or player, corsi aims to provide a broader understanding of their ability to create scoring opportunities and maintain offensive pressure. It is often used alongside other metrics like shots on goal, goals, and individual player statistics.

    Corsi can be expressed as a raw number, indicating the difference between shot attempts for and against, or as a percentage known as "Corsi-for percentage." This percentage is calculated by dividing the shot attempts for by the sum of shot attempts for and against, providing insight into a team or player's shot dominance and possession.

    In conclusion, corsi is a statistics-driven measure used to evaluate puck possession and offensive performance in ice hockey, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of a team or player's effectiveness in generating shot attempts and creating scoring opportunities.

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