How Do You Spell COTTIER?

The term "cottier" is often spelled with two T's, as in "cotttier." However, the correct spelling is with only one T. The IPA phonetic transcription of the word is /ˈkɒtɪə(r)/, with an emphasis on the second syllable. The word refers to a tenant farmer who works a small plot of land, often paying rent in the form of labor or produce. Despite its historical significance, the term is now rarely used outside of academic or historical contexts.

Common Misspellings for COTTIER

  • xottier
  • vottier
  • fottier
  • dottier
  • cittier
  • ckttier
  • clttier
  • cpttier
  • c0ttier
  • c9ttier
  • cortier
  • coftier
  • cogtier
  • coytier
  • co6tier
  • co5tier
  • cotrier
  • cotfier
  • cotgier
  • ottier

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Plural form of COTTIER is COTTIERS

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