How Do You Spell COTTON?

Correct spelling for the English word "cotton" is [kˈɒtən], [kˈɒtən], [k_ˈɒ_t_ə_n] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for COTTON

Plural form of COTTON is COTTONS

28 words made out of letters COTTON

3 letters

  • oct,
  • not,
  • oto,
  • coo,
  • con,
  • otc,
  • cot,
  • tnt,
  • ton,
  • tot,
  • ono,
  • too.

4 letters

  • octo,
  • oton,
  • toot,
  • oont,
  • coon,
  • tono,
  • noto,
  • coot,
  • onto,
  • coto.

5 letters

  • toton,
  • cotto,
  • otton,
  • tonto,
  • conto,
  • coton.

Conjugate verb Cotton


I would cotton
we would cotton
you would cotton
he/she/it would cotton
they would cotton


I will cotton
we will cotton
you will cotton
he/she/it will cotton
they will cotton


I will have cottoned
we will have cottoned
you will have cottoned
he/she/it will have cottoned
they will have cottoned


I cottoned
we cottoned
you cottoned
he/she/it cottoned
they cottoned


I had cottoned
we had cottoned
you had cottoned
he/she/it had cottoned
they had cottoned


I cotton
we cotton
you cotton
he/she/it cottons
they cotton


I have cottoned
we have cottoned
you have cottoned
he/she/it has cottoned
they have cottoned
I am cottoning
we are cottoning
you are cottoning
he/she/it is cottoning
they are cottoning
I was cottoning
we were cottoning
you were cottoning
he/she/it was cottoning
they were cottoning
I will be cottoning
we will be cottoning
you will be cottoning
he/she/it will be cottoning
they will be cottoning
I have been cottoning
we have been cottoning
you have been cottoning
he/she/it has been cottoning
they have been cottoning
I had been cottoning
we had been cottoning
you had been cottoning
he/she/it had been cottoning
they had been cottoning
I will have been cottoning
we will have been cottoning
you will have been cottoning
he/she/it will have been cottoning
they will have been cottoning
I would have cottoned
we would have cottoned
you would have cottoned
he/she/it would have cottoned
they would have cottoned
I would be cottoning
we would be cottoning
you would be cottoning
he/she/it would be cottoning
they would be cottoning
I would have been cottoning
we would have been cottoning
you would have been cottoning
he/she/it would have been cottoning
they would have been cottoning


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