How Do You Spell COUCH?

Pronunciation: [kˈa͡ʊt͡ʃ] (IPA)

The word "couch" is spelled with the letters C-O-U-C-H. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription for this word is /kaʊtʃ/. The first sound is represented by the letter C, which is pronounced as a voiced velar stop /k/. The second sound is the diphthong OU, pronounced as /aʊ/. The third sound is the voiceless palatal fricative /tʃ/, represented by the letters CH. Therefore, the full IPA phonetic transcription for "couch" is /kaʊtʃ/.

COUCH Meaning and Definition

  1. A couch is a piece of furniture designed for sitting or lying down that typically consists of a long, padded seat with a backrest and armrests. It is usually larger and more comfortable than a chair and can accommodate multiple people.

    The seat of a couch is typically upholstered with fabric or leather and is often filled with foam or other cushioning materials to provide comfort. The backrest is similarly padded and positioned at an incline to support the back while sitting or lounging. The armrests, placed on either side of the seat, offer additional support and comfort for the arms.

    Couches come in various shapes, sizes, and styles to suit different aesthetic preferences and spatial requirements. They can be found in a range of materials, colors, and patterns to complement various interior designs.

    The term "couch" is often used interchangeably with "sofa," although some consider "couch" to refer specifically to smaller, section-like seating arrangements, while "sofa" may denote larger, more formal pieces.

    Besides being a functional furniture item, couches often serve as a central element in living rooms, lounges, or family rooms, where individuals and families gather to relax, socialize, watch television, or entertain guests. They are an integral part of domestic furniture and play a significant role in providing a comfortable and inviting space for relaxation and leisure activities.

  2. • A place for rest or sleep; a bed; a sofa; in making malt, a layer or stratum of barley spread on the malt-floor.
    • To lie down, as on a bed or place of repose; to lay down in a bed or stratum; to conceal or express in words obscurely; to include or comprise; to recline on the knees, as a beast; to crouch; to fix a spear in the posture for attack; to depress or remove the film that overspreads the pupil of the eye, called a cataract.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of COUCH

The word "couch" originated from the Old French noun "couche", which meant "a bed" or "a place for sleeping". It is derived from the verb "coucher", meaning "to lay down" or "to put to bed". This Old French word has roots in Latin, with the verb "collocāre", meaning "to place" or "to arrange". Therefore, the word "couch" ultimately traces its etymology back to Latin.

Idioms with the word COUCH

  • a couch potato The idiom "a couch potato" refers to a person who spends excessive amounts of time sitting or lying on a couch, often watching television, rather than engaging in physical activity or being productive.
  • couch potato The idiom "couch potato" refers to a person who leads a sedentary or inactive lifestyle, often spending a significant amount of time sitting or lying on a couch, watching television, and rarely being physically active.
  • couch sth in sth The idiom "couch something in something" means to express or communicate something in a particular way, usually with specific wording or language, in order to make it more acceptable, understandable, or persuasive to others. It implies choosing specific words or phrases to convey a certain message or idea in a deliberate manner.
  • on the couch The idiom "on the couch" typically refers to the act of receiving therapy or counseling from a mental health professional, particularly in a psychoanalytic or talk therapy setting. It originates from the traditional image of a patient lying on a couch during therapy sessions while the therapist sits nearby and listens.
  • couch (something) in (something) To couch something in something means to express or convey something in a particular way or using certain words or language. It often implies using vague or indirect language to soften the impact or to make it more palatable to others. It can also be used to express an idea or opinion in terms of a different concept or framework.
  • couch-doctor The idiom "couch-doctor" refers to a person who offers advice or attempts to diagnose and provide solutions to problems or conditions without having any professional expertise or experience in the relevant field. It typically implies that the person is meddling in areas beyond their knowledge or expertise. The term "couch" represents a place where one relaxes or seeks comfort, and "doctor" denotes someone who is not a licensed or qualified professional in the specific area being discussed.
  • the casting couch The idiom "the casting couch" refers to a practice in the entertainment industry, particularly in Hollywood, where a person in a position of power, typically a casting director or a producer, would request sexual favors from aspiring actors or actresses in exchange for casting them in a role. It represents a system of exploitation and abuse that takes advantage of individuals seeking opportunities in the industry.
  • casting couch The idiom "casting couch" is commonly used to describe a situation in which a person, typically a powerful figure in the entertainment industry such as a director or producer, offers career advancement or opportunities to an aspiring artist in exchange for sexual favors. It implies a coercive or exploitative relationship in which the individual's professional success is contingent upon engaging in unwanted or unethical sexual activities.
  • couch-turkey

Similar spelling words for COUCH

Plural form of COUCH is COUCHES

Conjugate verb Couch


I would have couched
you would have couched
he/she/it would have couched
we would have couched
they would have couched
I would have couch
you would have couch
he/she/it would have couch
we would have couch
they would have couch


I would have been couching
you would have been couching
he/she/it would have been couching
we would have been couching
they would have been couching


I would couch
you would couch
he/she/it would couch
we would couch
they would couch


I would be couching
you would be couching
he/she/it would be couching
we would be couching
they would be couching


I will couch
you will couch
he/she/it will couch
we will couch
they will couch


I will be couching
you will be couching
he/she/it will be couching
we will be couching
they will be couching


I will have couched
you will have couched
he/she/it will have couched
we will have couched
they will have couched


I will have been couching
you will have been couching
he/she/it will have been couching
we will have been couching
they will have been couching


you couch
we let´s couch


to couch


I was couching
you were couching
he/she/it was couching
we were couching
they were couching




I had couched
you had couched
he/she/it had couched
we had couched
they had couched


I had been couching
you had been couching
he/she/it had been couching
we had been couching
they had been couching


I couch
you couch
he/she/it couches
we couch
they couch


I am couching
you are couching
he/she/it is couching
we are couching
they are couching




I have couched
you have couched
he/she/it has couched
we have couched
they have couched


I have been couching
you have been couching
he/she/it has been couching
we have been couching
they have been couching


he/she/it couch


I couched
you couched
he/she/it couched
we couched
they couched


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