How Do You Spell COVEY?

Pronunciation: [kˈə͡ʊvi] (IPA)

In English language, the word "covey" is spelled with a 'C', 'O', 'V', 'E' and 'Y'. The IPA phonetic transcription for "covey" is /ˈkʌvi/. The word is usually pronounced with stress on the first syllable followed by a short 'u' sound. It is a noun that refers to a small group of birds or animals, typically partridges or quails. The spelling of "covey" has remained consistent over the years, and is recognized by English speakers worldwide.

COVEY Meaning and Definition

A covey is a noun that refers to a small group or gathering of people, birds, or objects. It is usually used in the context of birds, specifically game birds, such as quails or partridges. In this case, a covey is a group of birds that travel and feed together for protection and companionship.

This term can also be applied to a gathering of people. It denotes a small group or crowd of individuals who have come together for a specific purpose, sharing similar interests or objectives. It could refer to a social covey, where friends or acquaintances meet regularly to enjoy each other's company, or it could describe a professional covey, such as a group of colleagues collaborating on a project.

Additionally, "covey" can be used to describe a collection or assortment of objects. For example, a covey of books refers to a small stack or group of books placed together. Similarly, one might refer to a covey of shelves, meaning a cluster of shelves arranged together.

In summary, a covey is a term used to describe a small group of people, birds, or objects that are gathered together for various purposes. It conveys the idea of unity, cooperation, and shared goals within the group.

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Etymology of COVEY

The word "covey" is derived from Middle English "coveye", which can be traced back to the Old French term "covée". "Covée" itself comes from the Late Latin word "copata" meaning "brood", which originated from the Latin word "copiare" meaning "to collect". Ultimately, the Latin term can be linked to the Latin word "copia" meaning "abundance" or "plenty". Over time, "coveye" evolved into "covey" in English, and it has been used since the 16th century to refer to a small group, especially of birds.

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Plural form of COVEY is COVEYS


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