How Do You Spell COVING?

The word "Coving" is a common term used in interior design, referring to the decorative moulding or trim that covers the joint between the ceiling and the wall. It is pronounced as /ˈkʌvɪŋ/ (kuh-ving) in IPA phonetic transcription. The 'o' in 'coving' is pronounced as a short vowel sound, 'u', and the following 'v' is pronounced as a voiced consonant 'v'. The final 'ing' sound is pronounced as an unvoiced 'ŋ' sound.

Common Misspellings for COVING

  • xoving
  • ckving
  • cpving
  • c0ving
  • c9ving
  • covung
  • covjng
  • covkng
  • covong
  • cov9ng
  • cov8ng
  • covibg
  • covimg
  • covijg
  • covihg
  • covinf
  • covinv
  • covinb
  • covinh

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