How Do You Spell CROWS?

Correct spelling for the English word "Crows" is [k_ɹ_ˈəʊ_z], [kɹˈə͡ʊz], [kɹˈə‍ʊz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for CROWS

Below is the list of 172 misspellings for the word "crows".

Similar spelling words for CROWS

Definition of CROWS

  1. A tribe of Indians of the Dakota stock, living in Montana; also called Upsarokas.

Anagrams of CROWS

5 letters

  • crows.

4 letters

3 letters

Usage Examples for CROWS

  1. At first the old rooster crows mostly in the morning, but later in the season he crows throughout the day, at short intervals, to show the young " the proper thing." - "Ways of Nature" by John Burroughs
  2. They were already some distance out upon the open plain, as conspicuous upon its surface of white sand as would have been three black crows in the middle of a field six inches under snow. - "The Boy Slaves" by Mayne Reid

What does Crows stand for?

Abbreviation CROWS means:

  1. Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations
  2. Common Remote Operated Weapons System

Conjugate verb Crows


I would crow
we would crow
you would crow
he/she/it would crow
they would crow


I will crow
we will crow
you will crow
he/she/it will crow
they will crow


I will have crowed
we will have crowed
you will have crowed
he/she/it will have crowed
they will have crowed


I crowed
we crowed
you crowed
he/she/it crowed
they crowed


I had crowed
we had crowed
you had crowed
he/she/it had crowed
they had crowed


I crow
we crow
you crow
he/she/it crows
they crow


I have crowed
we have crowed
you have crowed
he/she/it has crowed
they have crowed
I am crowing
we are crowing
you are crowing
he/she/it is crowing
they are crowing
I was crowing
we were crowing
you were crowing
he/she/it was crowing
they were crowing
I will be crowing
we will be crowing
you will be crowing
he/she/it will be crowing
they will be crowing
I have been crowing
we have been crowing
you have been crowing
he/she/it has been crowing
they have been crowing
I had been crowing
we had been crowing
you had been crowing
he/she/it had been crowing
they had been crowing
I will have been crowing
we will have been crowing
you will have been crowing
he/she/it will have been crowing
they will have been crowing
I would have crowed
we would have crowed
you would have crowed
he/she/it would have crowed
they would have crowed
I would be crowing
we would be crowing
you would be crowing
he/she/it would be crowing
they would be crowing
I would have been crowing
we would have been crowing
you would have been crowing
he/she/it would have been crowing
they would have been crowing