How Do You Spell CTENE?

Pronunciation: [sˈiːtˈiːn] (IPA)

The word "ctene" is a noun that refers to a series of cilia or hair-like structures found on the bodies of certain aquatic animals. The spelling of "ctene" may seem unusual, but it is due to its Greek origins. The letter combination "ct" is pronounced as /kt/ in English, as in the word "act." The vowel sound in "ctene" is pronounced as /iː/, as in "bean." So the pronunciation of "ctene" is /ˈktiːni/.

CTENE Meaning and Definition

Ctene is a noun that primarily refers to the specialized comb-like structures found in certain marine organisms, especially comb jellies and ctenophores. This term can also be used to describe the rows or bands of these comb-like structures present on the bodies of these organisms. The word "ctene" is derived from the Greek word "ktenos," which means "comb."

Ctenes play a crucial role in locomotion for comb jellies, as they are responsible for propelling these organisms through the water. These rows of cilia-like structures, known as ctenes, beat in coordinated patterns to generate water currents, allowing comb jellies to swim smoothly. The beating motion of the ctenes also helps comb jellies capture their prey and guide it towards their mouths.

In addition to movement, ctenes contribute to the visual aspect of comb jellies, as they can produce mesmerizing shimmering or iridescent effects when they reflect light. This visual phenomenon is especially striking at night when many comb jellies exhibit bioluminescence, enhancing their captivating appearance.

Overall, ctene represents a significant anatomical feature of comb jellies, enabling their distinct method of locomotion, aiding in prey capture, and adding to their visual allure.

Common Misspellings for CTENE

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Etymology of CTENE

The word "ctene" derives from the Greek word "ktenos", meaning "comb". In biology, it refers to a row of cilia or comb-like structures found in certain aquatic organisms, such as comb jellies (phylum Ctenophora). The term "ctene" was coined in the early 19th century to describe these comb-like structures.

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