How Do You Spell CUBES?

Correct spelling for the English word "cubes" is [kjˈuːbz], [kjˈuːbz], [k_j_ˈuː_b_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CUBES

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Anagrams of CUBES

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Usage Examples for CUBES

  1. Inside I found about two dozen of the cubes I had gone so far for. - "The Physiology of Taste" by Brillat Savarin
  2. Then the cubes drew one upon the other until they formed a pedestal nine inches high; up this pillar rolled the larger globe, balanced itself upon the top; the five spheres followed it, clustered like a ring just below it. - "The Metal Monster" by A. Merritt

What does cubes stand for?

Abbreviation CUBES means:

  1. Cassegrain U-band Brazilian ESO Spectrograph
  2. Coupon Under Book-Entry Safekeeping

Conjugate verb Cubes


I would cube
we would cube
you would cube
he/she/it would cube
they would cube


I will cube
we will cube
you will cube
he/she/it will cube
they will cube


I will have cubed
we will have cubed
you will have cubed
he/she/it will have cubed
they will have cubed


I cubed
we cubed
you cubed
he/she/it cubed
they cubed


I had cubed
we had cubed
you had cubed
he/she/it had cubed
they had cubed


I cube
we cube
you cube
he/she/it cubes
they cube


I have cubed
we have cubed
you have cubed
he/she/it has cubed
they have cubed
I am cubing
we are cubing
you are cubing
he/she/it is cubing
they are cubing
I was cubing
we were cubing
you were cubing
he/she/it was cubing
they were cubing
I will be cubing
we will be cubing
you will be cubing
he/she/it will be cubing
they will be cubing
I have been cubing
we have been cubing
you have been cubing
he/she/it has been cubing
they have been cubing
I had been cubing
we had been cubing
you had been cubing
he/she/it had been cubing
they had been cubing
I will have been cubing
we will have been cubing
you will have been cubing
he/she/it will have been cubing
they will have been cubing
I would have cubed
we would have cubed
you would have cubed
he/she/it would have cubed
they would have cubed
I would be cubing
we would be cubing
you would be cubing
he/she/it would be cubing
they would be cubing
I would have been cubing
we would have been cubing
you would have been cubing
he/she/it would have been cubing
they would have been cubing