How Do You Spell CUDDLES?

The word "cuddles" is spelled with a "c," followed by a "u," two "d's," an "l," and an "e," all pronounced in the International Phonetic Alphabet as /ˈkʌdəlz/. The word means to hold or embrace someone closely in a loving or affectionate manner. Cuddling is a common form of physical affection, and studies have shown that it can release hormones like oxytocin that promote bonding and reduce stress. So, next time you need some love, find someone to share some cuddles with!

Common Misspellings for CUDDLES

Similar spelling words for CUDDLES

9 words made out of letters CUDDLES

5 letters

6 letters

Conjugate verb Cuddles


I would cuddle
we would cuddle
you would cuddle
he/she/it would cuddle
they would cuddle


I will cuddle
we will cuddle
you will cuddle
he/she/it will cuddle
they will cuddle


I will have cuddled
we will have cuddled
you will have cuddled
he/she/it will have cuddled
they will have cuddled


I cuddled
we cuddled
you cuddled
he/she/it cuddled
they cuddled


I had cuddled
we had cuddled
you had cuddled
he/she/it had cuddled
they had cuddled


I cuddle
we cuddle
you cuddle
he/she/it cuddles
they cuddle


I have cuddled
we have cuddled
you have cuddled
he/she/it has cuddled
they have cuddled
I am cuddling
we are cuddling
you are cuddling
he/she/it is cuddling
they are cuddling
I was cuddling
we were cuddling
you were cuddling
he/she/it was cuddling
they were cuddling
I will be cuddling
we will be cuddling
you will be cuddling
he/she/it will be cuddling
they will be cuddling
I have been cuddling
we have been cuddling
you have been cuddling
he/she/it has been cuddling
they have been cuddling
I had been cuddling
we had been cuddling
you had been cuddling
he/she/it had been cuddling
they had been cuddling
I will have been cuddling
we will have been cuddling
you will have been cuddling
he/she/it will have been cuddling
they will have been cuddling
I would have cuddled
we would have cuddled
you would have cuddled
he/she/it would have cuddled
they would have cuddled
I would be cuddling
we would be cuddling
you would be cuddling
he/she/it would be cuddling
they would be cuddling
I would have been cuddling
we would have been cuddling
you would have been cuddling
he/she/it would have been cuddling
they would have been cuddling


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