How Do You Spell CUED?

Pronunciation: [kjˈuːd] (IPA)

The word "cued" is spelled with the letters C-U-E-D. It is pronounced /kyood/, with the "c" being pronounced as a hard "k" sound. The "u" is pronounced as a long "u" sound and the "e" is silent. The final "d" is pronounced as a soft "d" sound. The word can mean to prompt or signal someone to do something, often in the context of a performance or competition. It can also refer to the rods used in billiards or pool.

CUED Meaning and Definition

Cued is the past tense and past participle form of the verb "cue." To cue means to give a signal or indication, typically through a word, action, or gesture, that serves as a prompt for a specific action or response. It is commonly used in the context of performances or events where timing and coordination are crucial.

When someone is "cued," it means they have received a cue and are now ready to perform the desired action or response. For example, in a theatrical production, an actor may be cued to enter the stage, deliver a line, or start a particular movement. In a sports game, a coach may cue a player to substitute or execute a specific play.

The act of cueing is often vital for smooth and synchronized teamwork or for the correct execution of a performance. It helps ensure that everyone involved is on the same page and aware of what needs to be done at the right moment. Cues can be given through spoken words, visual signals, hand gestures, musical cues, or any other form of noticeable communication.

In a broader sense, "cued" can also be used figuratively to describe being prepared or prompted to do something. For instance, one might say, "After his morning coffee, he felt cued for a productive day ahead."

Overall, being "cued" encompasses the idea of being given a clear prompt or signal to perform a specific action or response, either in a performance setting or in everyday situations.

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Similar spelling words for CUED

Conjugate verb Cued


I would cue
we would cue
you would cue
he/she/it would cue
they would cue


I will cue
we will cue
you will cue
he/she/it will cue
they will cue


I will have cued
we will have cued
you will have cued
he/she/it will have cued
they will have cued


I cued
we cued
you cued
he/she/it cued
they cued


I had cued
we had cued
you had cued
he/she/it had cued
they had cued


I cue
we cue
you cue
he/she/it cues
they cue


I have cued
we have cued
you have cued
he/she/it has cued
they have cued
I am cuing
we are cuing
you are cuing
he/she/it is cuing
they are cuing
I was cuing
we were cuing
you were cuing
he/she/it was cuing
they were cuing
I will be cuing
we will be cuing
you will be cuing
he/she/it will be cuing
they will be cuing
I have been cuing
we have been cuing
you have been cuing
he/she/it has been cuing
they have been cuing
I had been cuing
we had been cuing
you had been cuing
he/she/it had been cuing
they had been cuing
I will have been cuing
we will have been cuing
you will have been cuing
he/she/it will have been cuing
they will have been cuing
I would have cued
we would have cued
you would have cued
he/she/it would have cued
they would have cued
I would be cuing
we would be cuing
you would be cuing
he/she/it would be cuing
they would be cuing
I would have been cuing
we would have been cuing
you would have been cuing
he/she/it would have been cuing
they would have been cuing


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