How Do You Spell CURSED?

Correct spelling for the English word "cursed" is [kˈɜːsd], [kˈɜːsd], [k_ˈɜː_s_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for CURSED

37 words made out of letters CURSED

3 letters

  • urd,
  • res,
  • use,
  • sec,
  • dec,
  • dre,
  • cud,
  • red,
  • scd,
  • cue,
  • cer,
  • cur,
  • sur,
  • des,
  • rue,
  • sue,
  • due,
  • esr.

4 letters

  • urde,
  • crue,
  • deru,
  • sude,
  • edur.

5 letters

  • rused,
  • sured,
  • druce,
  • ecrus,
  • dures,
  • cuers,
  • cerus,
  • dersu,
  • creus,
  • derus,
  • suder,
  • rudes,
  • sudre,
  • redus.

Conjugate verb Cursed


I would curse
we would curse
you would curse
he/she/it would curse
they would curse


I will curse
we will curse
you will curse
he/she/it will curse
they will curse


I will have cursed
we will have cursed
you will have cursed
he/she/it will have cursed
they will have cursed


I cursed
we cursed
you cursed
he/she/it cursed
they cursed


I had cursed
we had cursed
you had cursed
he/she/it had cursed
they had cursed


I curse
we curse
you curse
he/she/it curses
they curse


I have cursed
we have cursed
you have cursed
he/she/it has cursed
they have cursed
I am cursing
we are cursing
you are cursing
he/she/it is cursing
they are cursing
I was cursing
we were cursing
you were cursing
he/she/it was cursing
they were cursing
I will be cursing
we will be cursing
you will be cursing
he/she/it will be cursing
they will be cursing
I have been cursing
we have been cursing
you have been cursing
he/she/it has been cursing
they have been cursing
I had been cursing
we had been cursing
you had been cursing
he/she/it had been cursing
they had been cursing
I will have been cursing
we will have been cursing
you will have been cursing
he/she/it will have been cursing
they will have been cursing
I would have cursed
we would have cursed
you would have cursed
he/she/it would have cursed
they would have cursed
I would be cursing
we would be cursing
you would be cursing
he/she/it would be cursing
they would be cursing
I would have been cursing
we would have been cursing
you would have been cursing
he/she/it would have been cursing
they would have been cursing


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