How Do You Spell CURVES?

Correct spelling for the English word "curves" is [k_ˈɜː_v_z], [kˈɜːvz], [kˈɜːvz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CURVES

Below is the list of 83 misspellings for the word "curves".

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Anagrams of CURVES

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Usage Examples for CURVES

  1. That is the way in which we turn curves in New York. - "Last Words" by Stephen Crane
  2. He could not resist showing his prowess by means of a few curves, and the crowd with instant perception began to take a vivid interest in him. - "Victor Ollnee's Discipline" by Hamlin Garland

Conjugate verb Curves


I would curve
we would curve
you would curve
he/she/it would curve
they would curve


I will curve
we will curve
you will curve
he/she/it will curve
they will curve


I will have curved
we will have curved
you will have curved
he/she/it will have curved
they will have curved


I curved
we curved
you curved
he/she/it curved
they curved


I had curved
we had curved
you had curved
he/she/it had curved
they had curved


I curve
we curve
you curve
he/she/it curves
they curve


I have curved
we have curved
you have curved
he/she/it has curved
they have curved
I am curving
we are curving
you are curving
he/she/it is curving
they are curving
I was curving
we were curving
you were curving
he/she/it was curving
they were curving
I will be curving
we will be curving
you will be curving
he/she/it will be curving
they will be curving
I have been curving
we have been curving
you have been curving
he/she/it has been curving
they have been curving
I had been curving
we had been curving
you had been curving
he/she/it had been curving
they had been curving
I will have been curving
we will have been curving
you will have been curving
he/she/it will have been curving
they will have been curving
I would have curved
we would have curved
you would have curved
he/she/it would have curved
they would have curved
I would be curving
we would be curving
you would be curving
he/she/it would be curving
they would be curving
I would have been curving
we would have been curving
you would have been curving
he/she/it would have been curving
they would have been curving