How Do You Spell CVA?

The word "CVA" is spelled using three letters of the English alphabet - C, V, and A. The phonetic transcription of the word "cva" is /si: vi: eɪ/. The "c" in the word is pronounced as /si:/, the "v" as /vi:/, and the "a" as /eɪ/. The combination of these three letters represents an abbreviation for the medical condition "cerebrovascular accident," which is commonly known as a stroke. It is important to note the spelling and pronunciation of medical terms to ensure clear communication in the healthcare industry.

Common Misspellings for CVA

  • cvca
  • cbva
  • cvba
  • cgva
  • cvga
  • cvfa
  • cvza
  • cvaz
  • cvsa
  • cvas
  • cvwa
  • cvqa
  • cvaq
  • cvaa
  • sva
  • kva
  • gva
  • c6a
  • c va
  • cv a

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