How Do You Spell DAB?

Pronunciation: [dˈab] (IPA)

The word "dab" is a common English word that refers to a light touch or pat. It is spelled with the letters "d", "a", and "b", and pronounced /dæb/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The "d" is pronounced with the tongue touching the upper teeth, the "a" is pronounced with an open front vowel sound, and the "b" is pronounced with the lips coming together. The spelling of "dab" is straightforward and follows typical English letter-sound correspondence.

DAB Meaning and Definition

"Dab" is a versatile, primarily informal verb that encompasses various meanings and has gained different connotations in recent years.

One common interpretation of "dab" is a simple, quick pressing or patting motion using a small amount of a substance, typically with one's fingertip or a cloth. This action often involves applying a small amount of liquid, cream, or powder directly onto a surface. For example, an individual might dab perfume on their wrists or dab ointment on a wound.

In a different context, "dab" may also refer to a popular dance move and gesture characterized by the performer tucking their head into their elbow while extending the other arm straight out. This dance move became especially widespread in the mid-2010s, with many individuals incorporating it into their routines or videos.

More recently, "dab" has also become synonymous with consuming cannabis concentrates. It refers to the act of inhaling the vapor produced by heating such substances on a heated surface. The term has been adopted by the cannabis community and is closely associated with the use of specialized equipment, such as dab rigs or vaporizers.

In summary, "dab" can denote a swift, light touch or application of a substance, the name of a popular dance move, or the act of consuming cannabis concentrates. The meaning of "dab" varies depending on the context in which it is used.

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Etymology of DAB

The word "dab" has multiple etymological origins, each with a different meaning:

1. As a verb meaning "to touch lightly or gently": The verb "dab" comes from the Middle English word "dabben", which is of uncertain origin. It may have derived from the Old Norse word "doppa", meaning "to dip or immerse". It could also be related to the Dutch word "dabben", meaning "to pat" or the German word "tappen", meaning "to tip or tap".

2. As a noun meaning "a small amount": The noun "dab" comes from the Middle English word "dabbe", which originally meant "a lump or a small piece". It is closely related to the Old Norse word "doppa" and has the same sense of "a small lump or ball".

Idioms with the word DAB

  • smack (dab) in the middle The idiom "smack (dab) in the middle" means exactly at the center or middle of something, often referring to a physical location or a specific point in time. It implies being in the most prominent or conspicuous position, surrounded by everything or everyone else.
  • be a dab hand To be a dab hand at something means to be very skilled, proficient, or experienced in doing it. It implies that someone is highly adept or accomplished in a particular activity or skill.
  • dab at sth The idiom "dab at something" refers to lightly touching or patting an object or area, usually with a cloth or tissue. It suggests a gentle and quick movement, often used when trying to remove a small amount of liquid or substance from a surface.
  • dab sth on(to) sth The idiom "dab sth on(to) sth" typically means to apply or place a small amount of something gently onto a surface. It often refers to using a small, quick, and light touch to spread or distribute a substance in a controlled manner. This phrase is commonly used when talking about applying cosmetics, ointments, or other substances.
  • dab sth off (of) sth The idiom "dab sth off (of) sth" refers to the act of lightly touching or patting something to remove it from a surface. It often involves using a cloth, tissue, or one's hand to quickly and gently wipe away a substance or mark.
  • dab hand The idiomatic expression "dab hand" is used to describe someone who is highly skilled or proficient in a particular activity or field. It refers to someone who possesses great expertise or ability in a specific area and is capable of performing tasks with ease and finesse.
  • be a dab hand at The idiom "be a dab hand at" means to be very skilled or proficient at something. It refers to someone who has a natural talent or ability in a particular area and is able to do it effortlessly or with great expertise.
  • be a dab hand at something/at doing something To be a dab hand at something/at doing something means to be extremely skilled, proficient, or experienced in a particular activity or task. It implies being skillful enough to perform the activity effortlessly or with great success.
  • dab on them folks The idiom "dab on them folks" is a playful phrase derived from the popular dance move called the "dab." It means to confidently and arrogantly show off one's superiority, skills, or success in a situation, often to the dismay or envy of others. It can also be used humorously to mock or ridicule someone by taking satisfaction in outperforming or outwitting them.
  • dab (something) off The idiom "dab (something) off" means to lightly touch or pat on an object to remove or eliminate a small amount of substance, such as liquid or dirt, typically with a cloth, tissue, or one's finger. It is often used when discussing the act of removing something from a surface gently and skillfully.
  • dab at (something) The idiom "dab at (something)" typically means to touch or pat something lightly or briefly, often with a quick and gentle motion. It implies making small, delicate movements to interact with or inspect something without disturbing it too much.
  • dab on The definition of the idiom "dab on" refers to a gesture or action where a person puts one arm out straight and perpendicular to their body while tucking the opposite arm's elbow into it, often accompanied by a slight bowing motion. This gesture became popularized particularly among young people as a way to show off or celebrate a victory or accomplishment, often accompanied by a sense of exaggerated confidence or swagger.
  • dab something off (of) something The idiom "dab something off (of) something" means to remove or clean a small amount of substance or dirt from something using quick, light, and gentle touches or strokes.
  • dab something on(to) something The idiom "dab something on/to something" refers to the act of applying a small amount of a substance, typically a liquid or cream, onto a specific area or surface using quick, light patting strokes.
  • a dab hand The idiom "a dab hand" refers to someone who is highly skilled, proficient, or expert in a particular activity or task. It describes an individual who possesses considerable ability and proficiency in performing a specific task with ease and confidence.
  • a little dab will do you The idiom "a little dab will do you" means that a small amount or effort is sufficient or adequate to achieve the desired result or outcome. It suggests that there is no need for excessive quantities or extra effort, as a small amount is already enough.
  • slap-dab The idiom "slap-dab" is an adverbial expression that means directly or precisely in a specific place or position. It is commonly used to describe something that is done or placed exactly where it should be, without any deviation or hesitation. It often implies a sense of immediacy or suddenness.

Similar spelling words for DAB

Plural form of DAB is DABS

Conjugate verb Dab


I would have dabbed
you would have dabbed
he/she/it would have dabbed
we would have dabbed
they would have dabbed
I would have dab
you would have dab
he/she/it would have dab
we would have dab
they would have dab


I would have been dabbing
you would have been dabbing
he/she/it would have been dabbing
we would have been dabbing
they would have been dabbing


I would dab
you would dab
he/she/it would dab
we would dab
they would dab


I would be dabbing
you would be dabbing
he/she/it would be dabbing
we would be dabbing
they would be dabbing


I will dab
you will dab
he/she/it will dab
we will dab
they will dab


I will be dabbing
you will be dabbing
he/she/it will be dabbing
we will be dabbing
they will be dabbing


I will have dabbed
you will have dabbed
he/she/it will have dabbed
we will have dabbed
they will have dabbed


I will have been dabbing
you will have been dabbing
he/she/it will have been dabbing
we will have been dabbing
they will have been dabbing


you dab
we let´s dab


to dab


I was dabbing
you were dabbing
he/she/it was dabbing
we were dabbing
they were dabbing




I had dabbed
you had dabbed
he/she/it had dabbed
we had dabbed
they had dabbed


I had been dabbing
you had been dabbing
he/she/it had been dabbing
we had been dabbing
they had been dabbing


I dab
you dab
he/she/it dabs
we dab
they dab


I am dabbing
you are dabbing
he/she/it is dabbing
we are dabbing
they are dabbing




I have dabbed
you have dabbed
he/she/it has dabbed
we have dabbed
they have dabbed


I have been dabbing
you have been dabbing
he/she/it has been dabbing
we have been dabbing
they have been dabbing


he/she/it dab


I dabbed
you dabbed
he/she/it dabbed
we dabbed
they dabbed


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