DAHP synthase is a crucial enzyme in the shikimate pathway, which is responsible for producing aromatic amino acids. The spelling of this word can be explained using IPA phonetic transcription. The first sound is the voiced dental fricative /ð/ followed by the schwa sound /ə/. The next sound is the voiceless alveolar plosive /t/, followed by the voiceless bilabial plosive /p/. The final sounds are the affricate /s/ followed by the voiceless alveolar fricative /θ/. The spelling of this word is unique and follows the standard naming convention for enzymes.

Common Misspellings for DAHP SYNTHASE

  • sahp synthase
  • xahp synthase
  • cahp synthase
  • fahp synthase
  • rahp synthase
  • eahp synthase
  • dzhp synthase
  • dshp synthase
  • dwhp synthase
  • dqhp synthase
  • dagp synthase
  • dabp synthase
  • danp synthase
  • dajp synthase
  • daup synthase
  • dayp synthase
  • daho synthase
  • dahl synthase
  • dah- synthase
  • dah0 synthase

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