How Do You Spell DAIL?

The word "dail" is often misspelled as "dale" due to its phonetic similarities. However, the correct spelling is "dail", pronounced as /deɪl/. The IPA phonetic transcription of the word "dail" consists of the following sounds: "d" as /d/, "ai" as /eɪ/ and "l" as /l/. It is a noun that means a legislative assembly in Ireland with the power to enact laws, similar to a parliament. It is important to use correct spelling to ensure accurate communication.

Common Misspellings for DAIL

  • daiko n
  • dzil
  • dsil
  • dwil
  • dqil
  • dakl
  • daol
  • da9l
  • da8l
  • daik
  • daip
  • daio
  • sdail
  • dsail
  • xdail
  • dxail
  • cdail
  • dcail

Similar spelling words for DAIL

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