How Do You Spell DAIRE?

Correct spelling for the English word "Daire" is [d_ˈeə], [dˈe͡ə], [dˈe‍ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Usage Examples for DAIRE

  1. Fourteen hundred years ago in 546 to be exact Columba greatest of Irish saints after Patrick and Brigid passed this way and stopping in the oak grove which clothed the hill on which the town now stands was so impressed with the lovely situation that he founded an abbey there which was known as Daire Columbkille Columba's Oak grove - "The Charm of Ireland" by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  2. And for to go to the Mount of Sinai before that men go to Jerusalem they shall go from Gaza to the Castle of Daire - "The-Travels-of-Sir-John-Mandeville" by Mandeville, John, Sir
  3. The king of this island Daire had not hitherto spoken but he now did so with astonishment and emphasis - "Irish Fairy Tales" by James Stephens
  4. It happened that Curoi Mac Daire did this he had come to help his comrades and he was in Cotal over against Munremar Mac Gerrcind - "The Cattle-Raid of Cualnge (Tain Bo Cualnge)" by Unknown
  5. The King and Queen took up their abode in the city and the houses of Jean Daire were it appears granted to the Queen perhaps because she considered the man himself as her charge and wished to secure them for him and her little daughter Margaret was shortly after born in one of his houses - "A Book of Golden Deeds" by Charlotte M. Yonge