How Do You Spell DALEA?

The word "dalea" is often misspelled as "dalia" due to its unusual spelling. However, the correct pronunciation is /dəˈliə/, with stress on the first syllable. This word is derived from the genus name of a flowering plant known as Dalea, which is native to North and South America. The spelling with "ea" at the end is likely due to the Latin origin of the genus name, which has been translated into English.

Common Misspellings for DALEA

  • dal e
  • xalea
  • calea
  • falea
  • ralea
  • ealea
  • dzlea
  • dslea
  • dwlea
  • dqlea
  • dakea
  • dapea
  • daoea
  • dalwa
  • dalsa
  • dalda
  • dalra
  • dal4a
  • dal3a
  • lalea

Similar spelling words for DALEA

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