How Do You Spell DALINA?

The spelling of the word "Dalina" is straightforward. It is made up of six letters and follows the English phonetic rules. The IPA phonetic transcription for "Dalina" is /dəˈlina/. The word uses a short 'a' sound, represented by the schwa symbol, followed by 'l', the vowel 'i', and the consonant 'n'. The final 'a' is also pronounced using the schwa symbol. Overall, "Dalina" is a simple word to spell and pronounce.

Common Misspellings for DALINA

  • dzlina
  • dslina
  • dwlina
  • dqlina
  • dapina
  • daluna
  • daljna
  • dalkna
  • dalona
  • dal9na
  • dal8na
  • daliba
  • dalinz
  • dalins
  • dalinw
  • dalinq
  • xdalina
  • dxalina
  • dcalina
  • fdalina

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