How Do You Spell DANCES?

Correct spelling for the English word "dances" is [dˈansɪz], [dˈansɪz], [d_ˈa_n_s_ɪ_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for DANCES

Below is the list of 102 misspellings for the word "dances".

Similar spelling words for DANCES

35 words made out of letters DANCES

4 letters

  • ends,
  • dens,
  • send,
  • cade,
  • dean,
  • sade,
  • aces,
  • acne,
  • cane,
  • scad,
  • scan,
  • dace,
  • deca,
  • dane,
  • cans,
  • cads,
  • case,
  • cdna,
  • aced,
  • sane,
  • aden,
  • sand.

5 letters

  • andes,
  • cased,
  • acned,
  • danes,
  • snead,
  • caned,
  • sedan,
  • daces,
  • dance,
  • deans,
  • scend,
  • canes.

6 letters

  • ascend.

Conjugate verb Dances


I would dance
we would dance
you would dance
he/she/it would dance
they would dance


I will dance
we will dance
you will dance
he/she/it will dance
they will dance


I will have danced
we will have danced
you will have danced
he/she/it will have danced
they will have danced


I danced
we danced
you danced
he/she/it danced
they danced


I had danced
we had danced
you had danced
he/she/it had danced
they had danced


I dance
we dance
you dance
he/she/it dances
they dance


I have danced
we have danced
you have danced
he/she/it has danced
they have danced
I am dancing
we are dancing
you are dancing
he/she/it is dancing
they are dancing
I was dancing
we were dancing
you were dancing
he/she/it was dancing
they were dancing
I will be dancing
we will be dancing
you will be dancing
he/she/it will be dancing
they will be dancing
I have been dancing
we have been dancing
you have been dancing
he/she/it has been dancing
they have been dancing
I had been dancing
we had been dancing
you had been dancing
he/she/it had been dancing
they had been dancing
I will have been dancing
we will have been dancing
you will have been dancing
he/she/it will have been dancing
they will have been dancing
I would have danced
we would have danced
you would have danced
he/she/it would have danced
they would have danced
I would be dancing
we would be dancing
you would be dancing
he/she/it would be dancing
they would be dancing
I would have been dancing
we would have been dancing
you would have been dancing
he/she/it would have been dancing
they would have been dancing


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