How Do You Spell DARA?

The name "Dara" has various meanings and origins, including Arabic, Hebrew and Irish. In terms of pronunciation, it is usually pronounced as /ˈdɛərə/ in English, with stress on the first syllable. The first vowel is pronounced as the "short e" sound, while the second vowel is pronounced as the "schwa" sound. The final vowel is often dropped in casual conversation, making it sound like "Dar" or "Dah". Overall, the spelling of "Dara" may vary depending on its cultural and linguistic origin.

Common Misspellings for DARA

  • dawra
  • dqara
  • daqra
  • daera
  • dafra
  • da5ra
  • dar5a
  • da4ra
  • dar4a
  • darza
  • daraz
  • daras
  • darwa
  • daraw
  • daraq
  • ddara
  • daraa
  • Da2a
  • d ara
  • da ra

Similar spelling words for DARA

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