How Do You Spell DARAN?

The word "Daran" is pronounced as /dæˈræn/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It is a German word that translates to "there" or "at that place". The spelling of "Daran" follows the standard German spelling rules. The "D" is pronounced as "d", the "a" is pronounced as "æ", and the "r" is pronounced as a slightly rolled "r". The second "a" in "Daran" is pronounced with a shortened vowel sound. Overall, this word's spelling accurately reflects its pronunciation in the German language.

Common Misspellings for DARAN

  • darran
  • darren
  • darrin
  • daren
  • darin
  • darron
  • deran
  • dzran
  • dsran
  • dwran
  • dqran
  • da5an
  • da4an
  • darzn
  • darsn
  • daram
  • xdaran
  • dxaran
  • dcaran
  • fdaran

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