How Do You Spell DATURIN?

The word "daturin" is spelled as /ˈdætjuːrɪn/ in the IPA phonetic transcription. It is a chemical compound found in plants like Datura Stramonium, commonly known as Jimsonweed. The word is derived from the plant's scientific name, Datura, and the suffix "-in" which is used to indicate a chemical compound. The "u" in "daturin" represents the sound "oo" while the stress is on the second syllable, "tu". Getting the spelling of scientific words right is crucial in recognizing and communicating research findings effectively.

Common Misspellings for DATURIN

  • saturin
  • xaturin
  • caturin
  • faturin
  • raturin
  • eaturin
  • dzturin
  • dsturin
  • dwturin
  • dqturin
  • darurin
  • dafurin
  • dagurin
  • dayurin
  • da6urin
  • da5urin
  • datyrin
  • dathrin
  • datjrin
  • datirin

Plural form of DATURIN is DATURINS

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