How Do You Spell DE RE?

The two-word Latin phrase "de re" is often used in philosophy to indicate that a particular statement is about the thing itself, rather than the way it is described. It is pronounced as /deɪˈreɪ/ in IPA phonetic transcription, with the stress on the second syllable. The spelling "de re" is faithful to the Latin origin of the phrase, where "de" means "about" and "re" means "thing". While the spelling may seem unusual to English speakers, it remains an important concept in the study of philosophy.

Common Misspellings for DE RE

  • xe re
  • fe re
  • ee re
  • dw re
  • d4 re
  • d3 re
  • de de
  • de fe
  • de 5e
  • de 4e
  • de rw
  • de rs
  • de rd
  • de rr
  • de r4
  • de r3
  • sde re
  • dse re
  • xde re
  • dxe re

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