How Do You Spell DEAFLY?

Deafly is a word that can cause confusion when it comes to spelling. The correct spelling of this word is "dɛfli" according to IPA phonetic transcription. The "e" in this word is pronounced like the "e" in "pet" and the "a" is pronounced like an "ah" sound. The "f" and "l" sounds are pronounced distinctly. Deafly means to act in a manner that is quiet, not making any noise. It is an adverb that describes a motion done in a silence-like manner.

Common Misspellings for DEAFLY

  • seafly
  • xeafly
  • ceafly
  • feafly
  • reafly
  • eeafly
  • dwafly
  • dsafly
  • ddafly
  • d4afly
  • d3afly
  • dezfly
  • desfly
  • dewfly
  • deqfly
  • deagly
  • deafky
  • deafpy
  • deafoy

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